Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Videos of Recorder Karate

White - Level 1 - 4th and 5th grades should already know how to play this

Yellow - Level 2- 4th and 5th grades should already know how to play this

Orange - Level 3- 4th and 5th grades should already know how to play this

Green - Level 4 - It's Raining

Purple - Level 5 - Old Mac Donald

Blue - Level 6 - When the Saints

Red - Level 7 - Twinkle Little Star

Brown - Level 8 - Amazing Grace

Black - Level 9 - Ode to Joy

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


April 2015

Dear DAA Parents and Students,
Music reading is part of the music curriculum in all grades and one of the most effective and fun ways of learning this is to play an instrument!  The recorder is a woodwind instrument ideal for students and will prepare them for music in middle school.  In grades 3-5, the recorder will be included in instruction.

Recorder instruction will begin April 12, 2015
If your child’s recorder is still at home, please have him/her bring it to school and keep it in the locker until then.  
All students are expected to have their recorders in class by April 12, 2015. If a student doesn't have a recorder in class by April 19 (the following Sunday), it will affect their participation grade.
Students are REQUIRED to have a recorder by April 12, 2015. 

We do ask all students to bring their own recorders to class as part of their normal school materials. New recorders are reasonably priced. You can get cheap ones for as little as 15 Dhm, but you can expect to pay about 25-45 Dhm for a quality one. 

Good Brands: 

Aulos - my recommendation

Where to buy

Times Square Mall, Music Chamber, off Sheikh Zayed Road (04-346-8046)
The Beach CenterThe Music Room, off Jumeirah Road (04-344-8883)
Souk MadinatSadek Music Center, (04-368-6570)
Ibn Battuta MallSing and Swing, (04-366-9385)
Dubai MallSadek Music Center 
Mall of EmiratesVirgin Megastore
Arabian Ranches, Brooklyn Melodies, next to Burger King
The MeadowsBrooklyn Melodies

If you have any questions, please contact us at the school.

Thank you,

Ms. Rich

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Kiddos and Parents!

Real quick, a lot of students are still absent from school, maybe jet lagged, maybe still on vacation. Either way, hope you're having a great time. Just don't forget that we're having a great time here at DAA. We do miss you! I've recorded several lessons that I'm posting here so no one gets too far behind.

If you're out of school, or just want to watch the videos again because they're sooo entertaining, then enjoy!!

Music Theory Lesson 1: Setting up your music staff paper to compose. 

Music Theory Lesson 2: Drawing Treble Clef

Music Theory Lesson 3: Drawing Quarter notes in spaces

Music Theory Lesson 4: Rhythm Reading and writing

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


3rd Grade
December 9 = 11:50

4th Grade
December 10 = 12:30

5th Grade
December 11 = 12:30

All Students are to wear Black or White Solid top so we look more uniform, so we can see the choreography and so the faces pop out better from so far away since there will be so many students on stage at a time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter Production Music

Siyahamba (ku kwenien kwen kohs)

Dance Moves for Siyahamba
1. Absolutely Still
1. Head LR to beat 2 phrase
2. Turn and 11
5. clap cha cha cha and shake hands up 3x!/search/song?q=Traditional/Arr.%20John%20Riggio%20I%20Saw%20Three%20Ships
3 ships

Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Preparation for Winter Event

The winter concert type event will happen on December 8, 9, 10.

We have been preparing the music for it.  We have also been focusing heavily on performance posture.  Have your child tell you the 3 elements of it.

Each grade will sing Holiday of Music at the start located here:

and Winter FAntasy - not

3rd grade
Pentatonic Ramadan
Diwali Song
CMas sounds

4th Grade
Song of Light

3 Ships

5th Grade
Ashes to Ashes
Carol of the Bells (